Closed Session EP | PRE-ORDER


Release date: 15/07/2021

Closed Session EP is out on vinyl!

Tracks 6 – 8 will be exclusively released on this vinyl record.

This record includes a download code with high quality audio files.


  1. mad affair
  2. status quo
  3. get get get
  4. so fly
  1. there was never love
  2. don’t lie
  3. dolores (alternate version)
  4. i’m sure you’ve heard about enough

Music written by OPROER
Lyrics written by Dries Van der Schueren & Tijl De Vis

Produced by Jeff Claeys & OPROER
Mixed by Jérôme Pringiers
Mastered by Frederik Dejongh at Jerboa Mastering

Tracks 1 – 5 recorded at Closed Session Studios,
Roeselare and engineered by Jeff Claeys
Tracks 6 – 8 recorded at Rozebroeken Studios,
Ghent and engineered by Jérôme Pringiers

Artwork by Tijl De Vis & Dries Van der Schueren
Cover Photo by Iwein De Keyzer
Photography by Nelis Sterckx
& Robbe Van Damme

Victor Van de Maele
Bass, Backing Vocal

Tijl De Vis
Guitar, Backing Vocal

Dries Van der Schueren
Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion

Robbe Van Ael
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocal

Jérôme Pringiers
Synthesizers, Rhodes, Percussion, Backing Vocal

Special thanks to #BelgianMusicFund